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Sheet metal PC chassis

  1. Steel plate: steel plates must be thick. Shop around. You can feel what is thick and what is thin by tapping with your fingers.
  2. Painting: for a qualified cabinet, all steel needs painting, and the painting must be average, so that it can be well rustproof and dustproof.
  3. Structure layout: Generally speaking, there are many baffles, and there are heat dissipation holes. Some iron sheets used to fix cables should be wrapped to prevent damage to cables. The side wall fan should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet, because most of the heat is generated at the rear of the equipment.
  4. Heat dissipation: estimate how much heat your equipment has. Generally speaking, there are two to four fans on the top of the cabinet. The more the better. There are also some screws and nuts used to fix the frame, which should also be sufficient, so as not to cause the trouble of insufficient accessories due to future expansion.

The above is the relevant content of the method to check the processing effect of sheet metal chassis. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about sheet metal chassis or want to find a sheet metal chassis processing manufacturer, please pay attention to us, and we will update information from time to time.

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