Principles of design and installation of metal cabinet

1、 In the principle of convenient installation, the hanging beam is adopted, which is convenient and flexible for installation and movement. 2、 The principle of internal shielding is to adopt high-density mesh front and rear to ensure the shielding inside the cabinet. 3、 Considering the load-bearing factors, the reinforced fixed tray is attached with reinforcing ribs at the bottom to increase the load-bearing capacity. 4、 There are many styles of assembly parts, which can meet the needs of various applications. 5、 The structure is simple and convenient for cutting; Of course, it is simplified on the basis of ensuring other performance. In terms of technology, it is mainly surface spraying. The surface of cabinet chassis adopts the method of sandblasting first and then plastic spraying; Ensure that the surface coating of the cabinet is firm and reliable, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. 7、 In the principle of simple and flexible assembly, the assembly frame structure is adopted. The cabinet is assembled by the upper cover, base, front and rear frames, front and rear doors, side doors, beams, angle gauges, etc. The connection is simple, safe and reliable.

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