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Installation of aluminum sheet metal parts

Aluminum profile + sheet metal parts are a good combination, which can be used on the hood, chassis, protective cover, etc., to prevent dust, noise, protect personal safety and so on. Moreover, there are many colors of sheet metal parts, such as yellow, blue, red, etc. when used on mechanical equipment, they are more conspicuous and can play a role of safety warning. How to fix the aluminum profile on the sheet metal? Now let’s talk about it. Aluminum profiles are grooved, so compared with other materials, it is more convenient to install sheet metal parts. The common installation method is to fix it with battens. Select the appropriate application specification, and then fix the sheet metal part and the batten together in the profile groove. This method is relatively simple to install, does not need processing, has a short construction period, and is relatively convenient for later refitting. It should be noted that when using the batten to fix the sheet metal parts, attention should be paid to the installation sequence. In the process of frame installation, the sheet metal parts should be installed together.

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