Some measures to improve the quality of sheet metal parts

(1) Eliminate various factors that may affect the quality of sheet metal.

In the process of sheet metal processing, generally speaking, the factors that will affect the quality of sheet metal processing include the following aspects:

  1. Physical and mechanical properties: mainly the metallographic arrangement change of the appearance material and the appearance residual stress. Generally speaking, the stronger the plasticity of the workpiece material, the more obvious the cold and hard scene.
  2. The better the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment, and the better the corrosion resistance and deformation resistance of the equipment.

For the above factors, the solutions we can adopt are:

  1. The cutting fluid should be selected reasonably, which can reduce the friction coefficient and cutting temperature, so as to reduce the wear of tools.
  2. The process specification shall be scientific and reasonable to ensure the appearance quality of the workpiece. Therefore, the positioning should be accurate and the process flow should be as short as possible.

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(2) Proper use of precision machining.

First of all, there are many aspects involved in the realization of precision machining, such as the machining accuracy of processing equipment, which mainly refers to lathes, and the technical level of operators. In addition, there are other factors, but for the first two, they are essential and require relatively high requirements.

Secondly, for precision machining, the raw materials used can’t be everything. It also has some requirements. For example, in terms of hardness, although the hardness of the requested materials can’t be too low, it can’t be too high. It can’t exceed the hardness of machinery and equipment, otherwise it will be damaged.

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