Sheet metal outdoor cabinet

Outdoor cabinet refers to the cabinet made of metal or non-metal materials under the direct influence of natural climate, which does not allow unauthorized operators to enter and operate, and provides outdoor physical working environment and safety system for wireless communication stations or wired network station workstations. Cabinet suitable for outdoor environment, such as roadside, park, roof, mountain area and flat ground. Base station equipment, power supply equipment, storage battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can be installed in the cabinet, or installation space and heat exchange capacity can be reserved for the above equipment, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the normal operation of internal equipment.

The plates used to manufacture the outside of the cabinet shall be hot-dip galvanized plates with a thickness greater than or equal to 1.5mm. The hot-dip galvanized plates shall be sprayed with outdoor powder after welding. The cabinet with heat dissipation type temperature control device adopts hot-dip galvanized plate as the plate, and the cabinet with refrigeration type temperature control device adopts hot-dip galvanized plate of 1.5mm or more and 10mm insulation cotton structure as the plate.

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