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Do you have to use the die for sheet metal bending?

  1. Different sheet metal processing parts enter the corresponding process according to the processing requirements. There are bending, riveting, flanging, tapping, spot welding, convex hull and segment difference. Sometimes after bending one or two times, the nut or stud shall be pressed well. The parts with mold convex hull and segment difference shall be processed first, so as to avoid the interference of other processes after processing first, and the required processing cannot be completed. If there is a hook on the upper cover or lower shell, if it cannot be welded after bending, it should be processed before bending.
  2. When bending, first determine the tool and groove used in bending according to the size and material thickness on the drawing. Avoiding the deformation caused by the collision between the product and the tool is the key to the selection of the upper die (in the same product, different models of upper die may be used), and the selection of the lower die is determined according to the thickness of the plate. The second is to determine the sequence of bending. The general law of bending is first inside and then outside, first small and then large, first special and then ordinary. For the workpiece with the edge to be crushed, first bend the workpiece to 30 ° – 40 °, and then press the workpiece with the leveling die.
  3. When pressing riveting, the height of the stud shall be considered, the same and different molds shall be selected, and then the pressure of the press shall be adjusted to ensure that the stud is flush with the surface of the workpiece, so as to avoid the scrap of the workpiece caused by the stud not being pressed firmly or being pressed out beyond the surface of the workpiece.

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