About sheet metal connection

Sheet metal connection mainly adopts welding, threaded connection, riveting and bonding.

  1. Welding

It is a process method for overall or local heating of weldments or plastic deformation of weldments, or plastic deformation and heating are carried out at the same time to realize lasting connection. It can be divided into gas shielded arc welding, manual arc welding, laser welding, segment welding, gas welding and contact welding Gas shielded welding and contact welding are mainly used.

  1. Threaded connection

It has the advantages of easy installation, convenient disassembly and simple operation. It is often used for detachable steel structure connection It can be divided into screw connection and bolt connection.

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  1. Riveting

Riveting is a method of connecting parts or assemblies of metal structure with rivets. There are many kinds of rivets. The rivets commonly used by our company include closed round head blind rivets, closed countersunk head blind rivets, open round head blind rivets and open countersunk head blind rivets.

The rivet length can be calculated according to the following formula:


d: Rivet diameter

t: Plate thickness

  1. Bonding

A method of bonding required connectors together with adhesive

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