What is the role of the bending machine in the processing of automotive sheet metal parts?

CurrentlyAutomotive sheet metal partsThere are many types of bending machines, which can be divided into mechanical (servo motor) and hydraulic type according to the rotation mode. According to the control system, it can be divided into simple manual bending machine, ordinary domestic digital positioning bending machine, process control digital full-function bending machine. According to the action part, it can be divided into 4-axis, 8-axis, 12-axis and other bending machines.

What is the role of the bending machine in the processing of automotive sheet metal parts?

1. Before using the bending machine, check whether the power supply is on, whether the air pressure is sufficient, whether the hydraulic pressure is sufficient, whether the machine is clean, and there are no obstacles in the slideway. After confirmation, the follow-up procedure can be carried out.

2. Turn on the machine power switch, start the oil pump to align the origin of the L axis, D axis, CC axis, and Z axis to complete the starting process.

3. After the mold is installed and the mold is selected, the gear switch of the machine is placed in the cut position. After the base and the lower mold and the upper mold are installed, the switch of the machine is placed in the inching or single-action position, and the pedal is The up switch shakes the up rocker or knob to merge the upper and lower molds and pressurize the zero point of the D axis, and lock the lower mold to complete the mold assembly process.

4. Recognize the drawings, understand the bending sequence and bending dimensions, and start programming the bending machine. There are two input methods for programming, one is angle input, and the other is depth input. We often use depth input methods. First, put the computer into the state of mind, and input the value of bending size L, D value, Z value, speed, time, number of times and so on. Then check and confirm the program, let the computer enter the running state after it is correct, and then modify the program with the waste trial folding to adjust the angle and size to the best state. Then carry out the product trial folding, and the trial folding product can be mass-produced after the inspection is correct.

5. If you want to increase the bending speed during the bending process, you can set the gear switch in a single or linked state, but for the sake of safety, generally only single action is enough. When bending long workpieces, the middle angle is often very large. You can adjust the CC axis to change the middle angle to be consistent with the left and right angles. In the bending process, you should also pay attention to the central bending principle, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the accuracy of the bending process. It is not allowed to bend at one end of the bending machine. This will not only cause a bad angle, but also damage the machine.

6. It is not allowed to turn off the power supply during short breaks, just turn off the oil pump, so as to save electricity bills, so as to avoid re-work on the origin when going to work, save time and increase the utilization rate.

7. If you need to stop the machine after finishing the product or after get off work, first put the lower mold to the low position, then turn off the oil pump, and then turn off the power supply. If the batch of products has been completed, you must also remove the mold, put it back on the mold rack and return to operation panel.

8. It is strictly forbidden to operate the bending machine in violation of regulations, so as to avoid unnecessary injury to the person and the equipment mold. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine at ordinary times, and develop a good habit of caring for the equipment and molds.






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