Waterproof design of sheet metal structure cabinet

In the design of the cabinet with sheet metal structure, the key parts requiring waterproof design are mainly the parts where the various structural parts of the cabinet are connected, as well as the door panels, locks, hinges and other parts of the cabinet. For the waterproof design of these parts, the following different design methods can be adopted.

Waterproof design of waterproof strip

The waterproof design of the waterproof strip generally adopts soft materials, such as rubber, silica gel, PVC, TPU, etc. the waterproof strip is generally used at the gap between the two sheet metal sheets and the gap between the cabinet shell and the frame. There are two kinds of process production methods for the waterproof strip: one is the elastic solid body formed through the mold, and the back is covered with glue, which can be selected as required; The other is to directly glue and inject waterproof material at the joint for curing. It can also be solved by the method of secondary beer molding, but it needs higher mold technology and production cost. At present, the second process is also widely used, and the waterproof quality of batch products is controlled through the dispensing machine.

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