sheet metal shell design

The design of sheet metal shell

For sheet metal equipment, the design of its sheet metal shell is limited by many factors and needs to meet many technical requirements. Specifically, the sheet metal shell is made of sheet metal materials. It is a box and shell made by sheet metal forming process to store servers, computers, power or other equipment, such as power cabinet, network cabinet, server cabinet, outdoor cabinet and other equipment. During the design of sheet metal shell, the following points shall be achieved to meet the basic technical requirements of sheet metal equipment.

First of all, the design of sheet metal shell should have good technical performance. For example, the structure of the power cabinet shall carry out reasonable physical and chemical design according to the electrical and mechanical properties of the equipment and the requirements of the use environment, so as to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good stiffness and strength and good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation. In addition, the cabinet shall be resistant to vibration, impact, corrosion, dust, water and radiation, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

Secondly, the design of sheet metal shell should have good usability and necessary protective facilities, so that the equipment is easy to operate, install and maintain, and the use is safe and reliable. For example, in the design of machine tool sheet metal shell, its structure and layout should be designed reasonably, the overall design should comply with ergonomics, human-computer interaction design should be humanized, and various potential safety hazards should be fully considered to ensure the safe, reliable, simple and comfortable operation of the equipment. Furthermore, the sheet metal shell shall be convenient for production, assembly, commissioning, packaging and transportation. Generally speaking, the six steps of sheet metal shell processing are: drawing design, laser processing or (CNC stamping), bending, welding forming, electrostatic powder spraying or (liquid paint), packaging and shipping. The factors that affect the design, process and practicability of the shell, such as the feasibility of the design and assembly of the shell, and the cost and practicability of the shell shall be considered, so as to ensure that the design of the shell is easy to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process, the material and the practicability of the shell.

In addition, the design of sheet metal shell shall meet the requirements of standardization, standardization and serialization, and pursue beautiful appearance, applicability and color coordination on the basis of ensuring the performance of the equipment. The sheet metal shell mainly plays the role of fixing and protecting the internal structure of the equipment. During the design, the sheet metal shell shall be designed according to the customer’s drawings or specific specifications and dimensions, and meet the requirements of internal structure design. It shall be easy to process, low cost and beautiful.

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