Steel battery bracket

In the early days, square batteries were mostly steel shells, which were mostly used for mobile phone batteries. Later, due to the low weight specific energy of steel shells and poor safety, they were gradually replaced by aluminum shells and soft packed lithium-ion batteries.

However, in the column battery, there is another scene. The vast majority of manufacturers use steel as the battery shell material, because the physical stability and pressure resistance of the steel material are much higher than that of the aluminum shell material. After the optimization of the design structure of each manufacturer, the safety device has been placed inside the battery cell, and the safety of the steel shell column battery has reached a new height. At present, the vast majority of notebook computer batteries use steel shells as carriers.

From the working mechanism of lithium-ion battery, when charging, lithium ion is de embedded, and the positive electrode volume expands; When discharging, lithium ions are embedded from the positive pole and the negative pole expands; Will cause solid expansion, and the bulging coefficient can be reduced by appropriate alloy formula.

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