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Sheet Metal Design Basics

With the widespread use of sheet metal, sheet metal design has become a very important part of the product development process. What should I pay attention to in sheet metal design?

Sheet metal design generally has the following design points.

(1) Sheet metal design should first pay attention to the relationship between the sheet metal thickness and the design dimensions, such as whether the required dimensional length includes the sheet metal thickness.
(2) Consider the sheet metal manufacturing process, whether it is easy to process and manufacture, whether the manufacturing cost is increased, whether the production efficiency is reduced, etc.

(3) The strength design of sheet metal is the focus of sheet metal design. The strength design will directly affect the service life and durability of the product, and sometimes some conflicts are added to increase the strength of the sheet metal

(4) The priority of sheet metal assembly and installation space need to be considered from the rationalization of assembly and the convenience of assembly fitting.

(5) When sheet metal is undercut and punched, the cutting section close to 1/3~2/5 of the punch of the male die is the plane cutting surface, and close to 3/5~2/3 of the mother die is the oblique drawing section, so the die making or Check aperture size is based on the punch, and the outer size of the workpiece is based on the inner size of the mother die when undercutting.

Sheet Metal Design Should Consider the Following Principles.

custom sheet metal boxes
Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

1. The principle of uniform product thickness

2. The thickness of the sheet metal parts selected sheet metal parts

3. Comply with the processing technology.




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