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Sheet metal deburring machine has the advantage of huge processing quantity

The more parts you need to process, the greater the value of using a deburring machine. In mass processing, it is particularly important to consider saving time and cost. These two factors play a crucial role in the company’s profitability. According to experience, the working efficiency of a worker operating a modern sheet metal deburring machine is at least four times that of traditional manual processing. If the annual cost of manual deburring is 2000 hours, the deburring machine only needs less than 500 hours, which is a standard for sheet metal processors to consider whether to invest in the purchase of deburring machine. In addition to reducing indirect labor costs, other aspects also have a positive impact on investment calculation: first, the deburring machine eliminates the risk of injury caused by hand tools, and the occupational safety is significantly improved. Second, the working environment becomes cleaner because the machine collects all grinding dust. If you add up the total cost of labor and abrasive, combined with the increase in production efficiency, you will be surprised to find how low the operating cost of a modern sheet metal deburring machine is.

Those enterprises that produce large quantities and diverse sheet metal parts and steel structures need continuously high-precision and burr free (including formed) parts. These factors are critical for downstream manufacturing and meeting customer needs. For such high requirements, the best solution is to invest in an automatic sheet metal deburring machine.

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