Requirements for sheet metal cabinet design

When designing the sheet metal cabinet, we should first clarify the design performance of the sheet metal cabinet, and on this basis, use various new process design sketches, specify the size and structure, and determine the strength to make the technical parameters of the cabinet meet the design requirements.

  1. Give full play to the performance of sheet metal cabinet in earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, water and dust prevention and radiation protection, and ensure the safe operation of control equipment. 2. All safety measures should be in place, and ensure effective use, facilitate the assembly and maintenance of the cabinet, and ensure the personal safety of operators. Thirdly, the specific performance should meet the requirements of standardization and standardization, such as good ventilation and heat dissipation, good electromagnetic compatibility. 3. In the design scheme of the sheet metal cabinet, the punching and folding rate of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the cabinet should be strictly controlled, and the complexity of the process flow in the specific manufacturing of the cabinet should be reduced as far as possible under the premise of allowing the characteristics of the cabinet, so as to improve the enforceability of the design drawing; The raw materials used should have good compressive strength, be easy to bend and be conducive to molding. 4. While meeting the basic performance, the design of sheet metal cabinet should also pursue the beauty of shape and the richness of color, so that the appearance design of cabinet can give people aesthetic feeling in proportion, color, shape and shape, which meets the aesthetic needs.

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