Overview of pressure connection technology

The principle of the pressure connection method is to use punch, female die and various stamping equipment to extrude various material components, so that the materials of different sizes and compositions are slowly deformed, and finally connected into a whole. It is a method to realize the connection through internal fitting. It is a modern simple and efficient connection process. The pressure connection equipment uses stamping to do work through a basic punch. The components to be pressure connected are extruded through the work of the punch and the die. The components on the side of the punch generate slow and huge pressure on the components on the side of the die. The plates of the punch squeeze the plates of the die. Different materials produce extrusion deformation in the process of this cold extrusion. Due to the plasticity and fluidity of the materials, Different plates are embedded internally to form a whole connection without burrs and edges, and there is no trace or risk of burning through due to the non-use of welding and hot extrusion.

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