Improve the technical level of sheet metal structure design

On the premise of ensuring the strength, the structural design of sheet metal parts should also ensure the beauty and process feasibility of sheet metal parts. The processing technology and materials with convenient processing and low cost must be selected, and the utilization rate of materials must be ensured. The thickness of plates with the same specification cannot exceed three kinds of materials, which requires high utilization of materials in the processing process. For high-strength sheet metal structure, the purpose can be achieved by pressing reinforcement with thin plate. If the materials are exposed outdoors, the selection of materials must be strictly required, the properties of materials must be quite stable, and external materials shall not be scratched during processing. It is necessary to reduce unnecessary damage during sheet metal processing and improve material utilization. Some sheet metal processing needs punching. The structural design of sheet metal hole must not only meet the needs of products, but also be easy to process. Welding is also very important in sheet metal processing. In addition to ensuring the appearance of the product, the weld on the surface of sheet metal products must be handled correctly. A reasonable welding method must be selected, and in order to obtain more effective welding effect, a suitable filler must be selected. In order to reasonably design sheet metal structural components, enough space must be reserved to avoid the phenomenon of space exhaustion. Some sheet metal parts are relatively thin. At this time, attention should be paid to the welding time and weld treatment to prevent sheet metal deformation.

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