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How to Determine the Bending Radius of Sheet Metal? What is the Relationship with the Plate Thickness?

The bending radius of a sheet is a value required in the sheet drawing and it is difficult to determine its size in the actual process. In fact, the bending radius of sheet metal is related to the thickness of the material, the pressure of the bending machine and the width of the lower die slot of the bending die. So how exactly is the radius of sheet metal bending determined? How does it relate to the thickness of the plate? The relationship between the bending radius of the plate material and the thickness of the plate 

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This article from JIATONG sheet metal supplier

1. Experience in plate processing shows that when the plate thickness is not greater than 6 mm, the inner radius of plate bending can be determined directly by the plate thickness.

2. Plate thickness greater than 6 mm, less than 12 mm, the plate bending radius of 1. 25 times to 1. 5 times the thickness of the plate. When the plate thickness is not less than 12 mm, the inner bending radius of the plate is generally 2 to 3 times the plate thickness.

3. When the bending radius R=0.5, the average thickness of gold T=0.5mm. If the radius size is larger or smaller than the plate thickness, special mold processing is required.

4. when the metal plate requires bending 90 °, bending radius is particularly small, should first planing planing gold. Can also be processed special bending machine tooling for the upper and lower die.

The above is the link between sheet metal bending radius and sheet metal thickness that I share with you today. I hope that reading this article will be helpful to you.

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