Composition of stamping die

The composition of stamping dies will depend on the type, composition and difference of dies, and there are two categories: forward configuration structure and reverse configuration structure. The former is the most commonly used structure, and the latter structure is mainly used for drawing forming dies or matching special dies. The main work includes:

(1) Digital drawing – converting 3D product and mold models into 2D engineering drawings used in conventional processing;

(2) Digital design of moulds – establish relevant 3D solid models of moulds according to product models and design intentions;

(3) Digital analysis and Simulation of the die – according to the product forming process conditions, carry out the structural analysis, thermal analysis, fatigue analysis and die motion analysis of the die parts;

(4) Product forming process simulation – injection molding, stamping forming;

(5) Customize the standard parts and standard design process suitable for the company’s mold design;

(6) Mold production management.

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