Aluminum sheet metal chassis

The density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7 grams / cubic centimeter. The specific heat capacity of aluminum is 0.88*1000 j/ (kg* ℃), and the density of steel is 7.9 g / cubic centimeter. The specific heat capacity is about 0.46*1000j/ (kg* ℃) in terms of density, steel is nearly three times that of aluminum, and the specific heat capacity is the energy required for each increase or decrease of 1 degree per kilogram of material. We assume that two chassis with exactly the same size and specification, one aluminum and one steel, assume that the aluminum chassis weighs 2.7kg, and the steel chassis weighs 7.9kg; Assuming that the room temperature is 25 degrees, when both enclosures are increased by 10 degrees to 35 degrees, the heat that the aluminum enclosure needs to absorb is: 2.7kg*0.88*1000j/ (kg* ℃) *10 ℃ =23760j, and the heat that the steel enclosure needs to absorb is 7.9kg*0.46*1000j/ (kg* ℃) *10 ℃ =36340j. Therefore, we know that under the condition of absorbing the same heat (assuming 23760j), the aluminum enclosure has risen to 35 degrees, while the steel enclosure has not yet reached 35 degrees. The temperature of aluminum chassis should be higher than that of steel chassis, and the temperature of aluminum chassis should rise faster than that of steel chassis.

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