wire drawing

Wire drawing

Wire drawing can be made into straight lines, random lines, threads, ripples and spiral lines according to the needs of decoration.

Straight line wire drawing refers to machining straight lines on the surface of aluminum plate by mechanical friction. The utility model has the dual functions of removing scratches on the surface of aluminum plate and decorating the surface of aluminum plate. There are two kinds of straight line drawing: continuous line drawing and intermittent line drawing. Continuous silk lines can be obtained by continuous horizontal and linear friction on the surface of aluminum plate with cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush (such as manual technical grinding under the condition of existing device or grinding and brushing on aluminum plate with wire brush clamped by planer). Changing the steel wire diameter of the stainless steel brush can obtain lines of different thickness. Intermittent silk lines are generally processed on a polishing machine or a texturing machine. Preparation principle: two groups of differential wheels rotating in the same direction are adopted. The upper group is a fast rotating grinding roller and the lower group is a slow rotating rubber roller. Aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two groups of rollers and is brushed with fine intermittent straight lines.

Random wire drawing is a kind of irregular matte wire pattern without obvious lines obtained by moving and rubbing the aluminum plate(aluminium enclosure) back and forth under the high-speed copper wire brush. This kind of processing has high requirements for the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.

Corrugations are generally made on a polishing machine or a texturing machine. Using the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers, grind and brush on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate to obtain wavy lines.

Rotary pattern, also known as optical rotation, is a kind of silk pattern obtained by rotating and polishing the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate with cylindrical felt or stone grinding nylon wheel installed on the drilling machine and kerosene mixed with polishing ointment. It is mostly used for decorative processing of circular signs and small decorative dial.

Thread is a small motor equipped with circular felt on the shaft, which is fixed on the table at an angle of about 60 degrees with the edge of the table. In addition, a carriage equipped with fixed aluminum plate(Aluminum case) for tea pressing is made, and a polyester film with straight edge is pasted on the carriage to limit the width of the thread. The rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the carriage are used to spin and wipe the thread pattern with the same width on the surface of the aluminum plate.

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