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What is the Sheet Metal Welding Process like?

sheet metal processing
Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet metal welding has argon arc welding, spot welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, manual arc welding, etc. Spot welding should first consider the location of the sheet metal workpiece to be welded, and consider doing positioning tooling to ensure the spot welding position is accurate when mass production.

In order to weld firmly, hitting the bump on the sheet metal workpiece to be welded can make the bump contact with the flat plate evenly before the welding is energized to ensure the consistency of heating at each point and also to determine the welding position. Similarly, to carry out welding, the pre-pressure time, holding time, maintenance time and rest time should be adjusted to ensure that the workpiece can be spot welded firmly. Argon arc welding is mainly used when two workpieces are large and have to be connected together, or when the corners of a workpiece are processed to achieve a flat and smooth surface of the workpiece. The heat generated by argon arc welding tends to deform the workpiece, so after welding, it should be processed by grinding machine and flat grinder.

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