Metal Manufacturing in China

What is the Finishing Process?

 Metal Manufacturing in China
Metal Manufacturing in China

Currently, there is an increasing demand for sheet metal cabinets in various industries, mainly because they can play a good role in protecting electronic components. In order to ensure the quality of sheet metal cabinets in production, there is often some processing work to be done after forming. So do you know what processing needs to be done after forming the sheet metal chassis? The following is a brief introduction to the processing work that needs to be done after forming a sheet metal chassis:

1. The surface of the sheet metal chassis needs to be treated. Only proper surface treatment can make it have longer service life and stronger performance. Of course, the surface treatment of the sheet metal chassis is a very important part of the sheet metal processing process because it can prevent the parts from rusting and beautify the appearance of the product.

2. It is necessary to rinse the surface of the sheet metal chassis with water to remove the dirt from its surface. Although the aging of sheet metal enclosures is irreversible, we can slow down this “aging” by cleaning them frequently. Sheet metal enclosures and cabinets, if properly maintained, can extend their service life and reduce production costs.

3. Under the requirement of satisfying the function and appearance of the product, the sheet metal enclosure should be designed to ensure simple stamping process, easy production of stamping abrasives, high sheet metal stamping quality and dimensional stability. It can be seen that the production equipment, sheet metal parts processing and the processing ability of the master all affect the processing quality of the sheet metal chassis.

To sum up, all products need some effective processing after forming, and sheet metal chassis are no exception. Therefore, by doing some processing work after forming the sheet metal chassis, the service life can be effectively extended and the performance of the sheet metal chassis can be better improved at the same time.

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