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What Factors Affect the High Speed Cutting of Vertical Machining Center?

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Custom Metal Enclosures

With the continuous development of the machining industry, highly complex curved workpieces and multi-process workpieces have become commonplace, and their refinement is becoming more and more demanding. However, high-speed cutting is different from ordinary cutting, and there are many factors affecting the final machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece. The following is a brief introduction to several factors affecting the vertical machining center workpiece high-speed cutting, I hope to bring you a little help.

First, the machine tool factors

In general, to achieve this form of processing machine tools need to have the following:
1, with high speed spindle and feed system: vertical machining center is the most core components of the spindle and feed system, spindle system rotation accuracy and rotation speed is to ensure that the key to high-speed cutting workpiece, which requires the configuration of the spindle system to be compact, light weight, rigid, very small inertia and the corresponding characteristics of good and several key indicators. Feeding system and spindle requirements to ensure high-speed feeding at the same time, but also to ensure that the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the machine tool to achieve the parameters set by the machine tool requirements.
2, more flexible lubrication and cooling: in general, for long-term operation in the high speed state of the vertical machining center spindle we generally use the addition of oil cooler for cooling. Lubrication is generally closed oil immersion type, through these two means can ensure the accuracy of the machine tool spindle when running at high speed.

Second, the factors of the tool

Tool is the direct role of the workpiece components, its merits and demerits directly related to the normal high-speed cutting vertical machining center or not. In addition to the selection of geometric parameters to be reasonable, the material of the tool is the key factor. Generally speaking, the tool material suitable for high-speed cutting of the workpiece should have the following two points:
1, the tool used should have high wear resistance, only then can ensure that the tool in high-speed cutting, not easy to form serrated and thickness changes in the intermittent chip, effectively prevent the dynamic balance of the tool damage, and lead to accelerated tool wear.
2, to have high hardness and toughness, in order to withstand the impact and vibration generated by the high-speed rotation of the tool, without chipping and fracture phenomenon.

Third, the processing process factors

In principle, the high-speed cutting tool trajectory is mostly used in the layered ring cutting process, generally using the slant track tooling approach, direct vertical downward tooling is very easy to collapse and other phenomena, so it is not suitable; slant track tooling approach is gradually increasing the milling force, so the impact on the tool and the vertical machining center spindle is smaller than the vertical downward tooling, which can significantly reduce the phenomenon of downward tooling collapse.

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