What are the common processing methods for automotive sheet metal parts?

The process of using various equipment to change the shape of sheet metal is called sheet metal processing, and the main processes are sheet metal shearing, bending forming, welding, riveting, etc.It can also be processed by stamping, bending, stretching, etc.car parts, We can use it to carry out a series of treatments on metal.

What are the common processing methods for automotive sheet metal parts?

Common treatment:

1. Metal marking

Direct part marking is a series of permanent marking techniques on metal, used for part traceability, industrial parts labeling, decoration or any other purpose. Marking can be achieved through various techniques, including engraving, embossing, die-casting, stamping, etching, and grinding.

2. Metal carving

Engraving is a technology that is mainly used to engrave patterns, text, pictures or codes on metal surfaces to obtain products with permanent marks, or to use engraved metal to print and engrave on paper. Engraving mainly uses two technical means: laser and mechanical engraving. Mechanical engraving can be done manually, or through a more reliable pantograph or sheet metal processing.

Metal engraving technology can be used for: personalized jewelry, art, photopolymer laser imaging, industrial marking technology, engraving sports trophies, printing plate production, etc.

3. Metal stamping

Metal stamping is not a subtractive machining process. It uses molds to fold metal plates into various shapes. The household utensils we usually come into contact with, such as pans, soup spoons, cooking pots and plates, are all stamped out. Punches are also used to make ceiling materials, medical equipment, machine parts and even coins. Its products are widely used in medical, electronics, electrical, automotive, military, HVAC, pharmaceutical, commercial and machinery manufacturing industries.

4. Metal grinding

Grinding is the physical grinding of workpieces using cutting tools (abrasives). It is usually used to trim rough edges, deburr, polish welds, remove chips, produce sharp blades, or create unique finished appearances for metal parts.Generally, grinding is the engraving, stamping, etching or any other form of a partAutomotive sheet metal partsThe next step after processing.






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