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Large Chassis Welding will Encounter the Problems and Solutions

 Metal Enclosure
Metal Enclosure

Large chassis welding will encounter the following problems: poor weld quality, defects, porosity, cracks and other problems may appear; material deformation by high temperature; material discoloration by high temperature, affecting the aesthetics; welding may produce welding slag or spatter, affecting the quality of welding.

Dongguan Jiatong Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has professional solutions to these problems: Jiatong will choose the appropriate welding process and welding materials according to the customer’s products to reduce the problem of material deformation during the welding process and ensure the welding quality. Whether it is arc welding or spot welding, Jiatong has professional and experienced sheet metal workers to operate, which can reduce the error in the welding process. Jiatong sheet metal workers will choose to use suitable welding brackets, jigs and other auxiliary tools according to customers’ products to control welding deformation. At the same time, measures such as gas protection are used to reduce oxygen contact and prevent welding discoloration. Jiatong sheet metal workers will control welding parameters such as current, voltage and welding speed during the welding process, and clean the welding area in time to keep the welding area as clean as possible and reduce the generation of welding slag and spatter. Finally, Jiatong sheet metal workers will carry out post-welding heat treatment to eliminate residual stress and improve welding quality.

If you are worrying about these problems, you may consider Dongguan Jiatong Precision Hardware Products Co. With 12 years of sheet metal experience, Jiatong can well solve the problems you encounter in the sheet metal production process, welcome to click the link below to consult.

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