How many ways are there to clean auto parts?

Due to people’s insufficient understanding of the role of parts cleaning, the parts cannot be thoroughly cleaned, which affects the assembly quality. As a result, failures occur frequently after the completion of the construction, the parts are worn out, the service life is reduced, and even traffic accidents are caused. Therefore, parts cleaning should arouse the attention of drivers.

In car maintenance and overhaul, the cleaning of parts is a relatively important task. When each assembly is disassembled into parts, it is necessary to remove the oil stains, carbon deposits and scale of the parts, so that the assembly and the whole vehicle assembly can be carried out smoothly. By removing dirt and washing the inner and outer surfaces of the car and its assembly and parts, problems (such as abnormal wear, cracks, loosening, etc.) can be found in time, so that corresponding measures can be taken to prevent unsafe hazards.

car partsThe cleaning methods are divided into washing, steam washing, solvent washing and chemical washing. Dirt on parts includes: external deposits and residues of lubricating materials. Since these dirts have different properties and characteristics, and often have high adhesion, the difficulty and methods of removing it from the surface are not the same. But after cleaning, it should meet the following requirements:

1. The surface should be spotless, free from residual oil stains and scale adherents, and intuitive and refreshing;

2. The surface of all fittings is free of foreign matter, dirt and impurities; after removing the carbon deposit, the metal color and no scratches can be displayed;

3. All kinds of oil pipes, water pipes, and air pipes should be clean and unobstructed, free of carbon deposits, scale, glue and foreign matter;

4. All protection and filtering devices are kept clean, dust-proof, sound-absorbing, and filtering functions freely.

Only if the above requirements are met, the repair quality can be guaranteed.

How many ways are there to clean auto parts?

Parts cleaning method

1. Use kerosene and diesel as cleaning agent, put the parts in the mesh screen, wash with a wire brush, the sludge sediment leaks into the bottom of the tank through the mesh screen; dry the parts after cleaning or dry with compressed air.

3. Steam cleaning: The basic parts of the car, such as cylinder block, gearbox, main reducer, etc., have a lot of grease and are bulky. Steam cleaning has high efficiency and good washing quality.

4. Chemical cleaning: use acid and alkali chemical products as cleaning fluid for cleaning. It has a good removal effect on rust spots and scales, but its corrosive effect is strong, and it is not suitable for non-ferrous and non-metallic products.

5. Solution cycle cleaning: For example, the grease stain in the engine lubricating oil duct and the scale in the cooling water channel are mostly cleaned by the solution circulation method. Through the action of acid or alkali, the dirt is changed from insoluble matter to dissolved matter, and then washed away with water.

6. Cleaning of coke deposits: the composition of coke deposits is very complex, and most of them are non-volatile components, such as asphaltene, tar, etc. The higher the engine working temperature, the higher the content of non-volatile components, the resulting coke deposit layer The harder the metal, the stronger the bond with the metal. Usually, mechanical methods or chemical solutions are used to soften and dissolve the metal and remove it.

Attention should be paid during cleaning: all rubber, bakelite, plastics, aluminum alloys, oil seals, brake friction plates and clutch plates cannot be cleaned with alkaline solutions; oil-containing powder metallurgy bearings and hydraulic brake pump cups cannot be soaked in easy Wash it in a deteriorating solution.






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