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Common problems and causes of sheet metal processing and stamping parts processing:

1 burr: the excess material is not completely left during stamping or corner cutting, and burr appears under the steel plate section. When the burr height is greater than 0.2mm according to the section, the iron powder will damage the die and produce convex and concave.

2 convex and concave: the material surface is abnormally convex and concave, which is caused by the mixing of foreign matters (iron filings and dust) in the uncoiling line..

3 roller print: caused by foreign matters attached to the cleaning roller or feed roller (fixed pitch). Generally speaking, the foreign matters printed on the paper can be removed.

4 slip marks: due to the sliding of the roller, the slip marks appear when the roller suddenly stops or accelerates.

5 roll crushing may cause edge wrinkling: the guide roll on the uncoiling line may cause wrinkling due to the small gap between the guide rolls on the die, which is caused by the unbalanced feeding of the roll.

6 scratch: the main reason for the scratch of parts is that there are sharp scars on the mold or metal dust falls into the mold. The precaution is to polish the scars on the mold and remove metal dust.

7 bottom crack: the main reason for the bottom crack of the part is the poor plasticity of the material or the die blank holder is pressed too tightly. The preventive measure is to replace the material with good plasticity or loosen the blank holder.

8 side wall wrinkling: the main reason for the wrinkling of the side wall of the part is that the material thickness is not enough (if it is relatively small, the thickness is allowed to be thin) or the eccentricity occurs during the installation of the upper and lower molds, resulting in large clearance on one side and small clearance on the other side. The preventive measure is to replace the material immediately and readjust the die.

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