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Application of Aluminum Alloy Profiles on TVs

First, the use of aluminum profiles in decorative parts: As the middle frame of super-narrow, bezel-less TVs is bent with aluminum profile, if the decorative parts use the same metal material, it can avoid problems such as large assembly gaps brought by injection molding decorative parts, so the material of the lower frame of TVs also produces the change of transition from plastic to aluminum profile.

Second, the use of aluminum profiles in the front shell

1, aluminum profile four-sided splicing front shell

Custom Metal Box
Custom Metal Box

The front shell of the module all-in-one machine uses both appearance parts and fixed screen glass structural parts, commonly made of metal stamping parts, there are fewer details change, high mold costs, structural design limitations and other problems.The 9800 series front shell adopts the unique laser welding technology to control the splicing gap of the four aluminum profiles below 0.1mm, which, combined with the high-gloss drilling and cutting process of the bezel, highlights the craftsmanship quality of the high-end flagship models. It is worth mentioning that the series of different size front shells adopt a uniform profile cross-sectional shape and share a set of profile molds to reduce mold investment and material management costs, greatly improving the yield rate and production efficiency. In this way, the R&D and production costs can be greatly optimized, while also ensuring the exquisite quality of the products, so that the products are in an advantageous position in the market competition.

2、No-trace bending front frame of aluminum profile

The industry keeps developing, technology keeps advancing, and user experience keeps improving. Konka Easy TVslim8800 series carries the demand of “narrower and thinner” user experience, and uses the original metal aluminum bending process to create a dream model that combines new technology and user experience. No trace bending process, that is, after the aluminum profile is formed and bent, there is no bending gap between the front and the side of the bezel. The no-strike bending process used in the Easy TVslim8800 is the result of the sweat of the R&D team, which has brought the bezel to an extreme 7.8mm and the thinnest part of the body to 12.8mm. In addition, the no-strike bending front shell assembly process is more advanced and has lower labor costs and losses compared to the past.

Third, the use of aluminum profiles in the base

With the evolution of ultra-narrow and ultra-thin TV, the base has left behind the previous plastic clumsy shape, lightness and good support strength of the base has become the finishing touch to the design of the TV.

1、Aluminum bending base

SONYW650A base is a small cross-section of aluminum profiles bent out of the designed form through the tool, the surface of a simple sandblasting oxidation, and then connected to the TV through the adapter bracket. This base design is simple and generous and low cost, is a good example of application in the industry.

2、Large section aluminum profile two-legged base

SONYW850B’s two-legged base is original in that it uses a large cross-section of aluminum profiles stretched, then cut, polished, partially CNC and subsequently oxidized. The advantages are obvious, first, the adapter bracket and base integrated molding, saving the assembly process to improve production capacity; second, compact size, cost advantages; third, with large models with better stability.

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