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  • Requirements for painting and welding

    Requirements for painting and welding

    Painting requirements Rust, scale, grease, dust, soil, salt and dirt must be removed from the surface of all steel parts to be painted before painting.   Before derusting, remove grease and dirt on the surface of steel parts with organic solvent, alkali liquor, emulsifier and steam.   The time interval between the surface to be […]

  • Difficulties in aluminum welding

    Difficulties in aluminum welding

    Very easy to oxidize. In the air, aluminum is easily combined with oxidation to form a dense aluminum oxide film (about 0.1-0.2um thick) , the melting point is high (about 2050 ℃), far exceeding the melting point of aluminum and aluminum alloys (about 600 ℃). The density of alumina is 3.95-4.10g/cm3, about 1.4 times that […]