General inspection standard for sheet metal chassis

  1. The sheet metal chassis is not allowed to be tilted or partially tilted with the naked eye. The verticality between the frame column and the base is less than 1.5mm. During the inspection, the upper surface of the base is taken as the benchmark, and the inner edge surface of the upper end of the column is taken as the measuring point.
  2. The parallelism between the top frame and the base of the sheet metal chassis is less than 1mm. The inspection points are the upper surface of the base and the lower surface of the top frame, and they are benchmarks for each other. It can also be detected by measuring the length of the diagonal of the six sides, and the difference shall not exceed 2.5mm. If there is a middle partition, the parallelism between the top frame and the base can be widened to 1.5mm, and the parallelism between the middle partition and the top frame or base is less than 1mm.
  3. The absolute value of the diagonal difference between the upper and lower frames of the sheet metal chassis is less than 1.5mm.
  4. The column of the sheet metal chassis shall not be twisted, and the parallelism between the junction line at both ends of each column and the upper and lower enclosure and the adjacent plane of the enclosure shall be less than 0.5mm.
  5. For the slideway supporting the plug-in box, the parallelism of the working surface composed of the left and right slideways on the same layer with respect to the upper surface of the base is 1mm, and the sheet metal chassis should ensure that the absolute value of the gap between the adjacent two panels after the plug-in box is installed should not exceed 0.6mm.

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