Advantages of CNC stamping

(1) Because of the convenience and rapidity of NC machining, it can greatly shorten the manufacturing time of molds, improve the working quality of molds, and provide help for manufacturers to reduce the processing cost of molds. This will help the machinery manufacturing industry to obtain new development space under the competitive pressure at this stage. Due to the program control, the production quality of NC technology is very stable, which can effectively ensure the consistency of the shape and quality of parts processed by different molds.

(2) It is beneficial to improve the matching degree between various parts of the die. Compared with the traditional machining and grinding molds, the NC machining mold parts effectively reduce the error in actual use, and can ensure that the actual assembly size of the mold can be closer to the original design ideal size after processing, and increase the overall quality of the mold in the process of use.

(3) As the modern NC machining auxiliary software is very developed, the whole machining process can be simulated by simulation software in the machining process of complex molds, which can detect machining problems or design errors as soon as possible.

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